Adam Tzinis

Adam Tzinis

Directed and/or Written by

Uncanny Fantasies #1: The Box (2021)
Men lock Dina away in an extra-dimensional box, for all eternity, for crimes against storytelling.
Writer/Director, Cinematography by Griff Tapper, Production Design by Stacey Shrimpton
Starring Domenica Garrett and James Litchfield

Safe Spaces (2021)
Safe Spaces is a short horror about the ways cis people make trans people uncomfortable in their attempts to make them comfortable.
Also there is a zombie.
Writer/Director, Cinematography by Madeline Davies
Starring Blake Aaron and Heather Valentine

Game Genie DX (2020)
A classic video game offers Jaime three wishes, but Jaime only needs one.
Writer/Director, Cinematography/Editing
Starring Ada Tzinis and Stacey Shrimpton

STUCK (2020)
Stuck frozen in an endless black void, Emma tries to arrest control of her story back from an aggressive and nightmarish narrator.
Writer/Director, Cinematography/Editing, Sound by Jared Plant
Starring Madeline Davies and Ada Tzinis

Gatekeeper (2019)
A trans girl seeks guidance for, and understanding of, her emerging identity from a therapist who leaves her feeling worse, and more lost, than before meeting him.
Writer/Director, Cinematography/Editing

Zany + Zany Behind The Scenes (2018)
An Entry into Rode My Reel Short Film Competition, Zany is a silly film that, with its Behind the Scenes as a companion, explores the madness and intensity with which artists create, even when they create things that, maybe, the world could have gone without.
Comedy, Mockumentary
Writer/Director, Cinematography/Editing

The Sounds of Science (Fiction) (2017)
An Entry into Rode My Reel Short Film Competition, The Sounds of Science (Fiction) is a, silent, dreamlike journey through the aesthetics of film, and the power of
Science Fiction
Writer/Director, Cinematography/Editing

ennui (2016)
ennui is like boredom, but in black and white, with cigarettes, and old film-stock cameras, and nobody wears pants. It’s like being sad, but nobody talks about it.
Drama / Satire
Writer/Director, Cinematography/Editing

how to own your own home (2016)
Homeownership is a hollow pursuit which exacts an enormous toll from young people, emotionally and financially.
Writer/Director, Cinematography/Editing

Locked in the Basment. (2014)
In a satire of gratuitously violent thrillers and horrors and their unsubtle sexual subtext, a girl is kidnapped, locked up, and murdered for absolutely no good reason.
Thriller / Satire
Writer/Director, Cinematography/Editing

"Script Name" (2014)
An Entry in the 48 Hour Film Project-- after killing her boyfriend with her favourite metal ruler, an artist will stop at nothing to get it, and her creative mojo, back.
Dark Comedy
Writer/Director, Cinematography/Editing

Cast and Crew

Not For You To See (2021)
Two girls live side by side in a grey box, separated by a seamless glass wall. Why, or how they ended up there, doesn’t matter. Forced to confront each other and their own reflections, an invisible audience watches on as they fall into a strange sort of love.
Short Film directed by Izzi Harris
First Assistant Director and Stills Photographer

Sam (2021)
Tim has presented his girlfriend, Martine, with a puzzle, and is impatient for her to finish it. His plans begin to unravel, however, when he comes across a childhood teddy, named Sam. Something in Sam provokes Tim, who attacks the bear in a moment of petulant violence. Witnessing this, Martine’s interest shifts from the puzzle to Sam, and Tim’s life begins to come apart at the seams.
Short Film directed by James Litchfield
Stills Photographer

Dogs (2021)
A retired couple have a conversation about dogs.
Short Film directed by James Litchfield

Bathroom Blitz (Post-Production)
A girl discovers her true self in a dirty club bathroom.
Short Film directed by Izzi Harris

Ultimate Frisbee (2020)
Cameron, a young man down on life, is coerced into a game of frisbee.
Short Film directed by Madeline Davies

Behind the Scenes: DOAB (Unreleased)
Behind The Scenes documentary for a local feature, currently unreleased.

Disappear - Fan Girl (2017)
A bizarre, surrealist, abstraction for a local Melbournian band.
Music Video