the twenties

my twenties ended with a lesson

it was the discovery of some grand nugget, a deeply hidden treasure

a thought stewing is a vast temple of silence, deeply hidden but never wholly unheard, unearthed at the conclusion of an intrapersonal journey by a spectre of my own mind’s creation

an archaeologist, fabulous, coded non-binary with twos instead of ones, dug through a dense suppressing matrix of thorns to find gold while seeking roses

this is all some protracted way of adding some sense of the profound to something better said much more simply: I learned some things I knew already, or, at least, knew already very probably

had I listened to the whispers I uttered in my own direction

these next twenties, the ones that belong to us all and not to myself only, will be, for me, and maybe for all of us, a period of great transformation

this next decade already brings with it the fear of a war, when for me a war has only just ended– and though, like any great skirmish, mine has left me scarred, its end has shed from me an immense burden

and without it I move forward, unfettered and untethered, guided by the quiet core of my being hitherto ignored

henshin a-go-go baby

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