soft reset

if dysphoria is a general unease and its panacea is euphoria — seeking it and obtaining it — then its truest instigator is idle hands.

it’s a gravity well with dense inaction at its centre.

a sloth slumped on a sofa.

a phone stuck bootlooping.

when the goals become intangible they feel unobtainable. know what they are. remember what they are. find ways to keep them concrete. find ways to keep belief in them.

I want to make movies. When it feels like I can’t, when it feels like I never will, I need to watch something like those things I want to make. It refreshes me. It reboots me.

The challenge is remembering that I need to inhale, in order to exhale.

It’s not like breathing. It’s not automatic.

We need to work for it.

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