professional dysphoria

if you could push a button that would grant you every professional ambition, would you press it?

in video games, do you always choose the successful characters? the ones who already have everything you want?

do you choose them because it’s the only safe way for you to explore what exists on the other side of the divide?

in your idle moments do you worry that some future version of yourself is being let down by your inaction? do you dread visits by some spectres from your past, carrying ghastly warnings of it being too late to change?

does envy grip you?

does regret haunt you?

do excuses paralyse you?

not everyone is born successful. those of us who aren’t, won’t wake up one day, having succeeded. we need to work at it. it takes time.

sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes it takes months, sometimes it takes years, before success even starts budding.

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