inviting people in

you’ve built a house with three walls and a front door.

one wall is blue, one wall is pink, one wall is white, and the front door is locked.

all the other houses in the neighbourhood have only grey walls. it’s the way things are done, it’s the way things have always been done, and it’s the way things should be done.

your neighbours don’t take kindly to any walls but those grey-normative ones.

do you give every neighbour a key to your front door, so they can, when they’re ready, let themselves in to see your differently painted walls, surrendering yourself and your power to the whimsy of their criticism and the weight of their judgement?

or do you do nothing? do you wait for them to knock on your door? spend some time with them in your yard, sipping tea and chatting shop, until you’re comfortable with them, until you trust them. until they trust you.

until they ask you: “I’d love to see your walls, would you show me?”

is it your responsibility to work and preserve their comfort, or is it theirs for the sake of yours?

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