Adam Tzinis

Adam Tzinis

Ada burst fully formed from those liminal spaces where ideas are made.

Or, at least, maybe she'd have preferred that. Instead, she was this uniquely lonely thing, a gender fugitive, left alone to navigate the harsh moral savannah of West Melbourne's football ovals and school courtyards. From all the beatings and spittings, Ada learned that the Universe is as cold and hostile as it is empty.

She learned that all we have to fill it with, that the only power we have, is the stories we tell.

Ada graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2021, with a Master in Film and Television. Before that, she achieved her Bachelor's Degree in Media at RMIT. Ada tells stories that are a little bit serious, but very silly. She thinks its only through the silly things that some us will ever hope to learn.

Ada is a mother, a storyteller, a reader, and an obssessive collector of action figures.

Ada has no idea what she's doing. None of us do.